Lessons From Home: Time

David Stertz
April 2, 2020

I think it is fair to say that most of us are not happy about the social distancing of Covid-19. I talked with someone the other day who described herself as more of an introvert. However, even she said, “I need people!” All the activities that we normally enjoy have largely been taken away. Various clubs, sports, concerts, church gatherings, and so on have all been removed.

That has meant, for most of us, that we have an increase of time on our hands. Even if you are fully employed, you likely still have more evenings at home. 

I found this to be true for me! I had children’s events, choir concerts, political events, various meetings, a banquet, and some church events all canceled because of the virus. Right now I am working as hard as ever for my pastoral work. Even still, I have more time. 

Initially, I wasted much of that time. I found myself in a pattern that probably many others were in. First, I didn’t really believe that this was happening. Then there was the shock that it was happening. Then there was the irritation that it was happening. And then there was the settling into the reality of life as it is. For me, that all transpired over about a 10 day period. During that time, I really did not accomplish much outside of what had to be done. I focused way too much on the news and other banal activities.

I made a shift in my mind about this crisis as it relates to my time. This period, like everything else, is a gracious gift from the Lord. Some of that gift is not pleasant. Much, however, can be if we look at it rightly. One such pleasantry is that I have had time to do things that I could not otherwise do!

So, here is a partial list of things that I have been working on: (1) Reading more to my kids. (2) Playing games with my family. (3) Doing projects around the house. (4) More personal reading. (5) Working on my New Testament Greek. (6) Writing. (7) Calling friends and family. 

I have already confessed that I have wasted some of my time during this crises. But I am determined to redeem it now. Might I be so bold as to suggest that you ought do the same if you have not already? YouTube, Netflix, and others have announced that they are slowing the streams of their services because the strain on the world wide web is too great during this period. That tells me that a lot of people are wasting their time. Let that not be true of Christians.

Redeem the time. For the days are evil.

Lord Jesus, come quickly!