Resuming Services

David Stertz
November 25, 2020
Dear Members and Friends,
I am excited to announce that we are going to be resuming our services this Sunday! This includes our Sunday School, Morning Worship Service, and our Evening Service. I am looking forward to worshiping with you all again!
Here are are a couple of notes to consider:
1. Please be reminded that if you are sick or have had recent significant exposure to Covid to refrain from attending services. Our morning sermons are usually posted on our website by Sunday afternoon so you can listen to them that day. In addition, the bulletin, with our order of worship, is posted there as well so you can consider the hymns and Scripture readings. Obviously, if you are unable or uncomfortable in attending at this time these resources are available for you.
2. We are planning for a special business meeting for members following our Evening Service this Sunday (November 29). We are going to be voting on a new church Treasurer to fill out this year’s term, voting on a slight budget adjustment to our financial services category, and disclosing some information regarding the parsonage and financial considerations. I anticipate that the meeting should be brief.
3. Speaking of the Evening Service, I am inviting you to bring your favorite Scripture passage or verse to share. I am looking for as many was would be willing to read that passage/verse and give a brief explanation as to why it is your favorite. I believe this will be a blessing to all to hear!
Thankful to be able to worship with you again,
Pastor Stertz