Worship Notes for Home Worship – Lord’s Day, May 3, 2020

David Stertz
May 3, 2020

Here are some notes to go along with the sermon published online for this Lord’s day for home worship.

You can find hymns to sing here. 

Here is a a video version of the sermon and an audio one. 

Finally, here is a model prayer for this day. It is adapted from the prayer “Confidence” from the book “Valley of Vision.”

O God,

You are very great. Our lots in life are to approach You with godly fear and humble confidence since Your condescension equals Your grandeur and Your goodness is Your glory.

We are unworthy, but You welcome. We are guilty, but You are merciful. We are indignant, but Your riches are unsearchable. You have shown boundless compassion to us by not sparing Your Son and by giving us freely all things in Him. This is the foundation of our hope, the refuge of our safety, a new and living way to You, and the means of that conviction of sin and brokenness of heart which will endear us to the gospel!

Happy are those who are Christ’s! In Him they have peace with You being justified from all things, delivered from coming wrath, and made heirs of future glory. Give us such deadness to the world, such love to the Savior, such attachment to His house, and such devotion to His service that these will show us to be a recipient of Your salvation. 

May our every part of our character and conduct make a serious and friendly impression on others so as to impel them to ask the way of the Master. Let no incident of life, pleasing or painful, injure the joy of our souls but rather increase it. 

Send us Your help. For Your appointments are not meant to make us independent of You. The best of our abilities will be vain without super-added blessings.

In Jesus Name, Amen.